Welcome, eczema warrior!

Welcome, eczema warrior!

If you've found this blog, you probably belong to the 500 million people around the world who, like our founder Dongsinne, are affected by eczema in a way or another.
Despite the fact that the number of eczema patients has tripled in the last 30 years in the world, atopic dermatitis is still a skin disease that is:

  • poorly understood by science
  • poorly taken in charge by the health system
  • and, above all, complicated to physically and emotionally deal with on a daily basis…
Especially when it comes to baby and children who are the first to be concerned. 

Though it's crucial, families struggle to find a solution against eczema

The lack of effective products, affordable treatments and education around eczema are the main issues we have identified through our community discussions while we've started brainstorming for Sohnskin's creation.

Yes, many parents of children with atopy (probably like you reading that page) no longer know what to do or what to buy to relieve their children's itchy and bleeding skin.

And yet: childhood is a particularly crucial period to take in charge the first eczema symptoms : it is necessary to rigorously start soothing and moisturizing an atopic skin morning and night, every day, in order to have a chance of overcoming the disease when growing up.

Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to completely recover from eczema spontaneously overtime: this is important to make space for those who need support and raise a voice for all the eczema warriors.

Sohnskin aims to break taboos around eczema and support families

That's why Sohnskin is surrounded by Korean dermatologists, French Montessori educators and its incredible community of parents to break the taboo around childhood eczema, which affects 1 in 3 families in France.

On this blog, you will find our best tips and advice to help your little ones live better with atopic dermatitis on a daily basis:

  • Eczema 101: insights to understand the disease through the eyes of patients and skincare experts
  • Living better with eczema: aka our best lifestyle and wellness tips to improve your daily life
  • Taking care of yourself while having fun: games, special moments parent-children thanks to the wonderful advice of our Montessori experts
  • Our news: sneak into the behind-the-scenes from our daily office life at Sohnskin, and get an overview from the national eczema events calendar to which we participate


We look forward to meeting you!
Dongsinne, Laura and the Sohnskin team

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